Las Fiestas de Taos – 2019


For centuries, the people of Taos celebrate “The Taos Fiestas,” the holy days of the Feast of St. Anne and St. James. The annual event has four different names – Las Fiestas de Taos, Las Fiestas de don Fernando de Taos, Las Fiestas de Santiago y Santana, and Las Fiestas de la Gente.

The fiestas are a celebratory tradition passed from generation to generation, a way of preserving the rich tri‐cultural way of life that has developed in Taos over the last four centuries. This culture is unique to Taos, encompassing pueblo and plains Indians, Spanish explorers, conquistadores, French fur trappers, and American mountain men.

The events include the selection of the Taos Fiestas Queen, music and dance performances, a commemorative Mass and procession from Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, parades, and food booths ringing the Plaza’s streets.