The Alpaca of Eldorado Springs

Up yonder, heading to the secret entrance to Eldorado Canyon State Park via the Fowler Trail, you just might run

Show-Off Elk

This guy is a show-off. a fop, a dandy and a regular Beau Brummell. While minding our own business near

Canadian Goose

Bird Sightings

Snowy white egrets are a common sight at Cherry Creek Reservoir. Wild Turkeys scavenge Heil Valley Ranch. Turkey vultures perch

Elk Bath at Sheep Lakes

A pair of bulls sprint to Sheep Lakes in Rocky Mountain National Park to take a plunge in the cool

Backyard Adventures with Fantastic Reynard

Who needs a pet with all these foxes? Reynard, Joyce and Nectarine have made my backyard their home.

Ponies on the Ridge

North of Boulder, near Neva Road, three handsome ponies graze on the ridge. If you see them, say, hello.

The Moose of Rustler Gulch

Coming back down the Rustler Gulch trail, a bull moose and his lady friend emerged from the forest and hung