Parting with Books

Parting, or so I have read, is such sweet sorrow. Discarding my books feels like scratching away layers of my ego.


Rendition First Class

Meet Reginald Foley and Winston Cartwright, two high-society food critics who must escape from a remote but swanky prison when they run afoul with

The Sorrows of the Young Manchego

I spot a cheese at Murray’s called “Young Manchego” and ask the guy at the counter if it has suffered

Herr Kaufmann

Getting rid of all of my junk, I sort through my compact discs, wondering which ones to keep. Then I

The Problem with Outlet Stores

I step into Sephora wearing my waders and ask the salesperson if they sell live bait. She looks at me like I’m some sort of cretin.

The Kafka Cuts

Forget the Nightmare of Reason, Vidal Sassoon exposes the bald truth in the works of Franz Kafka.