Up on Chief Mountain

Beginning a hike at 11,300 feet might be cheating, but I love a big payoff with little effort. Well, at

Twilight at Cherry Creek State Park

Outside, I must go to keep my sanity during the Coronavirus lockdown of 2020. Not living day by day, but

Valmont Butte

For the Arapahoe people, Valmont Butte was a sacred gathering place. Then in the 1800s, it was made into a

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  • September 21, 2019

Kyle and Rachel Get Married

Good times with family and friends celebrating with my Nephew Kyle and his lovely bride/life partner, Rachel. The knot was

Show-Off Elk

This guy is a show-off. a fop, a dandy and a regular Beau Brummell. While minding our own business near

Pawnee Buttes Sunset Hike

In Northeastern Colorado, the Pawnee Buttes loom over the Pawnee National Grasslands. The wind farms and natural gas structures impinge

Splash Fun Under the Sun

Nothing wrong with a plunge in the water and some wild times in the Colorado summer at Golden Whitewater Park

Front Range Meanderings – 2019

 Dozens of great places to hike and wander in the Denver/Boulder area, including, Red Rocks, Roxborough Park, Eldorado Canyon, Heil

Stations of the Cross in San Luis

For a moment I thought my eyes were playing tricks, I had no recollection of a Hispanic Church crested on

Walsenburg​ 2019

Walsenburg Colorado is the gateway to the Spanish Peaks area, a place close to my heart. For several years I