The Alpaca of Eldorado Springs

Up yonder, heading to the secret entrance to Eldorado Canyon State Park via the Fowler Trail, you just might run

Show-Off Elk

This guy is a show-off. a fop, a dandy and a regular Beau Brummell. While minding our own business near

Canadian Goose

Bird Sightings

Snowy white egrets are a common sight at Cherry Creek Reservoir. Wild Turkeys scavenge Heil Valley Ranch. Turkey vultures perch

Elk Bath at Sheep Lakes

A pair of bulls sprint to Sheep Lakes in Rocky Mountain National Park to take a plunge in the cool

Backyard Adventures with Fantastic Reynard

Who needs a pet with all these foxes? Reynard, Joyce and Nectarine have made my backyard their home.

The Moose of Rustler Gulch

Coming back down the Rustler Gulch trail, a bull moose and his lady friend emerged from the forest and hung